People who have to endure extended lockdown periods due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or are currently working from home, need to remember to exercise regularly. 

Although pools and fitness rooms have been shut as a preventative measure, that’s no excuse to stop exercising. Even strapping on a mask and going out for a walk for at least a half-hour of exercise will do your heart and circulation system a world of good. 

This is particularly crucial the older you get. You need to stay as healthy as possible to ward off any potential COVID-19 infections. But anyone of any age who has an existing medical condition also needs to keep themselves in shape. 

Explore a New Exercise Regimen

There are many exercise regimens that don’t require a lot of space, so they can be done in a small apartment. The popularity of Yoga and YouTube form the perfect exercise combo to adopt during lockdowns. For Yoga, you just need a mat, or even a soft rug will do. Then fire up the computer and look around at the videos on YouTube that have Yoga tutorials. You’ll find tons of videos for everyone, from beginners to experts. 

If, for some reason, Yoga doesn’t appeal to you, another form of exercise that can be performed in a small area is isometric exercise. Isometric exercises are simply the contractions of muscles in your extremities and torso. ‘Planking’ is an example of a popular isometric exercise. The full range of exercises consists of isometric holds, presses and pulls.

YouTube is also handy for finding tutorials and examples of all the isometric exercises. It’s also helpful in staying motivated. If all those YouTubers can keep exercising during the seemingly endless lockdown periods, then so can you. 

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