A family wearing baju sedondon will always look adorable no matter the occasion

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A family wearing baju sedondon will always look adorable no matter the occasion.

Getting baju sedondon for your family or matching clothes is a trend we Malaysians usually see during festivals or big family gatherings. If not traditional outfits, the families will usually be wearing custom-made T-shirts. Whatever it is, it definitely looks adorable!

Some would say the trend started from Instagram celebrities and the “twinning culture” but a quick search into Malaysian festivals, you would notice that a majority of the Malay community tend to wear baju sedondon with their families during Hari Raya.

This matching can go in many ways, some prefer a whole uniformity in colour and pattern, while some prefer matching according to the gender of the family members. There are also some who simply match certain colour shades and mild patterns while they’re sewing their outfits. Behind the cute trend of families in baju sedondon is probably a frustrated mother spending all her time and energy in finding the right materials and trends. This is why most families prefer to buy their matching sets of baju kurung and baju Melayu online considering the wide variety of options available nowadays.

What is it about the experience of getting baju sedondon for the whole family?

Well, at a quick glance, you would think that the trend is just done for face value when in reality, there are actually psychological benefits behind it. Firstly, it actually affects your mental health positively! Several studies have shown that dressing in matching clothes with your families creates a positive memory in the minds of your children. Later, when they’re wearing the outfit again, their mind will automatically travel to the good experience they had with their family.

Next is an obvious point, but wearing baju sedondon as a family actually builds strong family ties. When your family has matching clothes, it makes a special occasion even more special!

Our last point on why you start wearing baju sedondon as a family more often as it actually saves your money and time! Instead of buying a specific outfit for each family member, you can just visit various websites that have started featuring matching family clothes options, add the clothes to your cart and voila!

Malaysian celebrities including Nur Fazura and her family, Awal Ashaari and his family have captured the hearts of Malaysians with their constant #outfitgoals throughout any occasion. So, let’s start getting baju sedondon for your whole family starting today!

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