Take a Hike This Songkran

This Songkran, Take a Hike

The Songkran holidays are almost here. Rather than head to the places celebrations normally occur and join in a water fight or two, why don’t you just go take a hike instead? We’re not trying to get rid of you – Quite the opposite. We want you to enjoy other Songkrans far into the future. 

But this Songkran, it’s better to be safe and avoid any celebrations altogether than be sorry and come down with the Covid virus. Plus, exploring a natural park with a few close family members or friends is better and quieter than braving the crowds of revelers out on the streets.

You can avoid the possibility of both contracting the virus and catching a case of conjunctivitis from dirty water being thrown in a water fight by taking a nice long hike in the wilds of Thailand’s national parks instead. And there’s really not much to it. 

Be Prepared When You Go Hiking 

The first thing is to decide where you want to go. Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park near Hua Hin offers a huge wilderness area, plus lots of exotic wildlife, waterfalls, caves and well-maintained to reach all the sights. If you’re new to the area or hiking itself, be sure to hire a guide to be safe and see everything you set out to see. 

You’ll want to carry a small backpack with water, some high-protein snacks, insect repellent, a small first aid kit, sunscreen and a light change of clothing. You’ll also want to make sure your camera or phone is fully charged to get photos of all the sights. And, of course, the most important item is walking shoes. Many companies these days make lightweight walking sandals built for the tropical heat. They have thick, treaded soles and are excellent for hiking along wooded trails or scrambling over rocks.

Once you’re out on the trail and see the natural beauty around you, you’ll be glad you decided to spend Songkran very differently than you have in the past. And you’ll also be healthier for your decision.

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