Lose Weight by Cooking

It may sound funny, but you can lose weight by cooking. Planning on having a few friends over for dinner forces you to plan the meal, do the shopping and cook the meal. All this effort burns calories. 

Doing this chore once is not going to do much in the way of helping you lose weight. However, if you enjoy cooking and entertaining, hosting dinner parties regularly can actually be a good way to drop a few kilos. Plus, your friends will love it if you’re a halfway decent cook. 

Sampling Instead of Eating

The majority of professional chefs are slim and fit. If you watch them at work, they rarely sit down and have a full meal of the food they’ve cooked. They prefer only to sample the food to ensure it’s up to their standards. 

They view the kitchen as their workplace and the food as the products they produce. They often have a somewhat detached and critical view of the dishes they produce. They also seem to almost lose interest in the food soon after it’s cooked. This is large because they’ve been tasting and adjusting the flavors of the food for hours.

By continually tasting a meal while they’re cooking, they successfully curb their appetite. And adopting this habit can help you make it through a dinner party of rich food and lose weight at the same time. 

It’s common knowledge that eating slowly helps you eat less. And this is what you’ll be doing when you cook dinner for guests. Of course, you’ll be expected to sit down at the table to share the meal, but you can be excused for eating a lot less than others by simply explaining that you’ve been eating for hours. 

Getting in the habit of throwing these dinner parties often helps you hone your cooking skills at the same time you’re slimming your waistline.

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