Quick Self-Care Techniques When You’re Busy

We’ve all been there. We have an insanely busy schedule as all our activities seem to converge in the same week. During these times, our normal routines get turned on their heads, and regular self-care can be difficult. Check out these tips for prioritizing yourself, even during a particularly busy week.

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is essential for proper functioning, especially when busy and feeling tired. Getting a good night of sleep is one of the best ways to stay fresh and ready for each day. Going to bed early will improve your performance more than staying up late to get extra preparation time for a project.

Keep Moving

It’s easy to forget workouts and lose hold of a fitness routine when we get busy. It’s okay to take a week off the gym when you feel overwhelmed, but try to continue getting some movement into your life. This could be fifteen minutes of yoga or stretching in the morning or a short walk after lunch. 

Try To Eat Well

While it can be easy to forget about good nutrition when we are busy, taking time to ensure that you are eating and consuming quality calories will help you perform your best. Eating junk food, especially if you aren’t used to it, can cause discomfort. Feeling poorly will only make it more difficult to complete your work well. 

Schedule Short Breaks

Even a short 5-10 minute break can be enough time to collect your thoughts, do some short mindfulness meditation, journal or find another way to rest your mind. Giving yourself space away from a busy schedule can help you keep your sanity and stay focused on the task at hand.

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