Are You Ready to Get Sick?

Ready to Get Sick?

After more than two years of not getting sick at all or coming down with Covid, it will be strange to once again be faced with the usual old flu symptoms as life returns to a ‘new normal’. Most of us have lived in a sterile bubble these past two years. We’ve been good about social distancing, wearing our masks and using our hand sanitizers. 

But as the rain season is almost upon us, expect the flu season to follow. We can once again look forward to waking up with runny noses, sore throats, fevers and splitting headaches as a reward for staying healthy these past two years. 

Covid Test Kits Will Sell Out

Many people will panic, thinking they have Covid once the flu season starts. There will be a run on masks, sanitizers and Covid test kits at every pharmacy in town. As no one will know who has the flu and who has Covid, people will try desperately to avoid each other once again. 

Little kids may experience a head cold or flu for the first time in their lives that they can remember. With the past two years spent avoiding any type of germs, getting sick will be a novel experience for a child. 

Many people will flood the hospitals where exasperated doctors and nurses will dispense paracetamol and tell them to go home and rest.   

Some people will enjoy getting their first case of sniffles and a scratchy throat. It will be a reason to celebrate making it through the pandemic relatively unscathed. They’ll smile to themselves and look forward to feeling miserably sick like back in the good old days. I can’t wait. 

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