All you need to know about Blood Types

IIn certain countries such as Japan and Korea, blood types are believed to be related to personality traits. Whether or not this is truly the case however, knowing your blood type and what other blood types they are physically compatible with can be highly important. This is especially the case in emergency situations, or if blood needs to be donated. Blood types are based on the types of antigens and antibodies found in your blood. The four blood types are Type A, B, AB, and O, and each of these types can be either Rh positive or negative.

Type A

Type A blood types are so called because they have antigen A. These blood types can mainly donate blood to Type A and Type AB. These blood types can also receive blood from Type A and Type O.

Type B

Type B blood types possess antigen B. Type B blood types can mainly donate blood to Type B and Type AB. These blood types are able to receive blood from Type B and Type O.

Type AB

Type AB is known as the Universal Receiver. Type AB blood types have both antigen A and B. Type AB blood types can only donate blood to other Type AB’s. On the other hand however, Type AB can receive blood from all blood types.

Type O

Type is known as the Universal Donor. Type O blood types have neither antigen A or B. As such, Type O blood types can donate to all other blood types. However, type O can only receive blood from Type O.

Rh Positive and Negative

Each of the blood types can either be Rh positive and Rh negative. Rh positive blood types can receive blood from both positive and negative while Rh negative blood types can only receive blood from other Rh negative

Blood types are a fascinating subject to go into, whether or not they have personality traits or predictive powers. A total of 43 blood groups exist, but the two most important blood group systems are ABO and Rh, which determine someone’s blood type. 

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