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The Cleanest House Pets

The Best Pets for Neat Freaks

Are you someone who loves animals and wants a furry friend in your home? Are you also someone who likes to keep their home tidy and is worried that an animal friend would add unacceptable levels of dirt and mess to your space? Then, this article is for you. There are many great pet options for tidy people that won’t create too much of a mess.


A fish or aquarium setup is one of the most obvious pet choices for clean people. Fish are lovely creatures that look beautiful and add a touch of decorative flair to your home. All their mess is contained in their tank so that it won’t cause any larger mess issues, but many people want a more interactive pet.  

Short-haired or Sphynx Cats

Owning a cat can be a very messy experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Cats are naturally very clean animals that are easily litter trained. The only issue for super tidy people owning cats is that they tend to shed hair everywhere. But if you consider a hairless cat or short-haired cat breed, you can own one of these animals without dealing with too much hair in your home.


While pigs get a bad rap for loving the mud, they are actually very clean creatures. Outdoor pigs cover their skin in mud to protect them from the sun, but these animals can be house trained and never excrement near where they eat. They love baths and are extremely intelligent, making them great animals to live in your home.

<h2>Explore Your Options</h2>

These are not the only clean pet options for you, but they are a great place to get started. There is no need to live a petless life just because you are mess-avoidant. Explore options at your local shelter or pet store. They can help recommend a perfect pet that will bring you joy without creating a mess in your home.

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