Dealing Intelligently with Bangkok Flooding

It’s monsoon season once again in Bangkok. Many people’s buying habits have changed because of the pandemic. This can affect your readiness to deal intelligently with the flooding problems that affect Bangkok residents at this time of year. 

Many of the city’s residents have become used to ordering everything they need to be delivered. You see Grab, Food Panda, and Line Man delivery drivers all over the city. Many residents simply pick up their phones and start scrolling through the food menus of their favorite restaurants when they get hungry. 

Many residents also use Grab and Bolt apps to book a cab when they need to get somewhere in the city. 

The flooding makes these services a hit-or-miss affair. People forget that these services are staffed by people who face the same problems with constant rain and flooding. 

The motorbikes used to deliver your food often can’t run in the deep water of many flooded streets in Bangkok. Constantly ordering, again and again, doesn’t change this fact. And when it’s raining, cabs are extremely busy. Simply because your using a modern device to order one doesn’t mean there are suddenly more of them. 

Preparation Means Comfort

Many Bangkok residents carry a worn-out pair of sneakers to wear when they have to wade through floodwaters during their commute. The sneakers protect their feet more than flip-flops and stay on their feet in moving water. Residents should make the same simple but intelligent preparations when faced with feeding themselves.   

Residents should stock up on quick and easy food to prepare during the rainy season, so you have an alternative when the delivery services are unable to reach your home. And research ways to get where you need to go without using services like taxis and motorbike taxis.

Many smartphone users feel that just because a service exists, it should always be available. But mother nature may have other ideas.   

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